I am not an Ingram Micro Cloud reseller, can I still join?

Yes, you can join the CloudEdge Program by Ingram Micro, however to transact selected Cloud products through Ingram Micro you will need to set up a business account with Ingram Micro as an approved reseller. To become an Ingram Micro Cloud Reseller, click here.

I have not sold cloud-based products in the past, can I still join CloudEdge?

Yes. You are just required to register to join CloudEdge.

How do I join CloudEdge by Ingram Micro?

To sign up to CloudEdge, just complete the online registration form and accept the Program Terms and Conditions.



What are the rewards?

Earn Digital Cash Rewards and IBM Cloud Credits when you complete training, close and claim your cloud sales and attend BDM meetings. You can redeem these into digital prepaid cards (Flexi eGift cards) or IBM Cloud Credit at any time from the rewards store.

Your organisation also has the opportunity to earn up to $2,000 in Digital Cash Rewards when you transact the most revenue from our participating vendors through Ingram Micro.

How do I earn CloudEdge rewards?

You earn Digital Cash Rewards and IBM Cloud Credits for completing vendor training, claiming your first two cloud sales with a new participating vendor and when you attend BDM meetings. You can see how much you can earn in the table below.

Only 3 members from each organisation can earn rewards for the same training module.

How do I spend my rewards?

Redeem your Digital Cash Rewards into Flexi eGift cards or IBM Cloud Credit at your leisure. The Flexi eGift cards will be emailed to you at your nominated email address.



Are my sales eligible?

Only the first two cloud sales that you transact from a participating cloud vendor that you haven’t transacted with before are eligible to be claimed for CloudEdge dollars.



Who can I contact for help or questions?

Please contact:

For Cloud Pre-sales or Licensing Enquiries please contact Ingram Micro's Cloud Sales Team on telephone (02) 9381 6000 or email